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How many tweets should you do a day on Twitter?

The debate rages on as to how many tweets per day a person or company should do on Twitter and when is it too much?

My opinion is to look at the goals of why you are using Twitter as to how many is just right.  The main question to start with is why are you using Twitter?  Is it to grow followers, is it to sell product, is it for customer service, is it for an individual or a positioning of a product or service?

To grow followers:  3 to 5 tweets per day. Spread out the tweets to when you have something real to say or a photo to share.  If you keep growing followers and not loosing followers then keep to that number per day. If you are loosing followers, then it is either your tweets are boring to the follower, you have a lot of junk names on your list and you need to clean the list, or you will need to test one per day, next day two per day and then three per day and see which one works the best to gain meaningful followers.  Think of this type of strategy as personal communications to your entire base of friends, business associates as to what do you think and what they would be interested in you telling them.

To sell products: 2 to 3 tweets in cycles 4 times per day, seven days per week. Morning, lunchtime, dinnertime and late night or over night. The goal is to get as large a list of followers as you can, list quality is not the issue, but tweets quality is. If you sell, sell sell in tweets and there is no content you will loose followers fast.  The crafting of your tweets.  It’s so important that each one gives info in the tweet as a way of expanding your messaging to an ever growing audience for free.  Think of it as a free email list untargeted. Then think of what is a feature, benefit or other facts that would be a compelling reason for people to check you out.

To use for customer service:  Up to 20 tweets per day.  Or as many from which you get interaction.  Decide which ones will be direct reply and which ones are good enough info to tweet to all. Also use the search function to intercept tweets talking about you and reply.  If one customer is having an issue, others may too and this is an excellent way to stop bad customer service or PR issues.

Celebrity tweets by an editorial or PR team: Up to 15 per day. Be transparent that it is them or that you are doing it for them. Spread them out evenly during the 24-hour period.

Brand or service tweets as a campaign:  Up to 30 per day. Take out your FAQ’s, your contest or event and start tweeting them.  This will embed them into the organic optimization space for search. You’re not doing it for followers. Your embedding content into the twitter search functions to gain net new eyeballs to your event, service or brand.

What about those who do a series of twitters one right after another, because you can’t fit the message all in one twitter?  NO. NO NO You’re using the wrong medium. Place the info you want to get out in a blog posting, link the twitter about that topic to the blog and tweet out the key points in 140 letters.

Reusing your tweets and retweeting. Yes. Retweeting your own tweets is now common. Use a 48-hour rest period for high performing tweets before you retweet your own, or even better use same subject with different way of saying it. Quotes are popular to get retweeting by others. Use #Follow Fridays or #FF or #Everyday to expand your name @XXX to other, via others.


3 Responses

  1. Very helpful information. Thank you so much. Take care!

  2. If you’ve been using TweetDeck or another Twitter service that uses bit.ly links, then here’s a great tip:
    Go through your timeline and pull out bit.ly links, paste them into your browser, and add a “+” on the end. This will automatically send you to the bit.ly statistics page for that link, which gives you conversation history, clicks and regional analysis.
    Not only is this a great way to yank out and measure the effectiveness of your tweet history, but it also gives you the opportunity to analyze your competitors!


  3. Nice info… so many articel i should read in here

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