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Smart POS marketing or desperation marketing, does deep discounting work?

It has been a very difficult year in retail to say the least.  I was mused by the signs of the times I found at a local high-end mall near me, so much that I had to take some photos, since I could not believe what I was seeing .  Have retail marketers lost their minds, so desperate or perhaps they laid off  their marketing staff?  Is the merchandising or sales team now doing marketing too, with no focus on the future?  This is what was on my mind, instead of shopping, after seeing these POS signs. The merchants are either brilliant at getting you to stop and go into the store or so desperate that anything goes.

Here is the first cell photo I took of a  deep discount sign example of : Almost Free Clothes…Details inside…what does this sign mean!!!  Almost Free Clothes.???.. in a store when nothing is under $250?

The next photo I took  was from a store that had desperation written all over it, but what does it mean when the discounts are promoted as 15% to 80% Off ??  Confusion   How credible is the discounts promoted when they are so wide. Looks more like a going out of business sale.

So is desperation marketing the new flag needed to get people to open up their wallets? It will drive sales no doubt, but what about the next sale or lifetime

value of these value price focused customers.  It may work today, but will not create a pipe line of future sales or customers who profile to an ongoing relationship with you.

If you have more photos you find like these, please send them and I will post them .

Merry 1% to 100% off and an Almost Free Happy New Year.

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