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What’s the big deal with iPhone apps?

Guest blogger: Niall McSheffrey from TERRALEVER

On occasion, I invite guest bloggers to share a subject they have expertise in.  Niall McSheffrey from the online agency Terralever recently met with me to discuss new trends for CMOs and his companies expertise in iPhone apps. It was of great interest to me and I asked him to write a blog, so I could to bring to you.  I value  his insight and expertise working on iPhone apps for Red Bull and other of his clients.  We spoke about the shift to iPhone apps, why you should consider development in the 2010 plans and what it takes to pull this off.  His blog is on this subject to help the CMO’s and Marketing Directors across the country bring focus in this area with their agencies and teams.

In April 2009, Apple announced that there have been more than one billion apps downloaded for the iPhone. What’s the big deal for a company that currently holds 52% of the Smartphone market and has over 10 million active users in the USA?

The big deal is that the place where upcoming companies and established brands are spending is in Smartphone applications. In this space the iPhone is easily the leader followed by Microsoft and Google mobile networks. There are expected to be over 300,000 iPhone apps by late 2010 and these can be used for almost everything (Apple’s website shows the top apps by category here). In fact iPhone applications are replacing the way people are doing business and choosing their products. In reality, iPhone apps are not just a novelty but are used for everyday business. Some  examples:

  • Companies like square (www.square.com) are setting up credit card transactions using iPhones.
  • Being able to stay connected with your professional network using LinkedIn on your Smartphone
  •  Tracking potential clients, logging your time spent with clients or doing your expense report using your iPhone (see business apps here).

If you have a product or service that is being marketed on a website, it is likely that it will work well as an iPhone application. The cost for developing an iPhone app begins at $25,000 and most likely will cost more depending on their complexity. However, depending on the app,  these costs can be mitigated through sales of the app on in apples store or with an upgraded version with more features.. Also, online additional revenue can be gained through advertising on your Smartphone through a mobile advertiser such as AdMob.

TERRALEVER | Niall McSheffrey | Business Development | P 480.347.5343 |

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