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Tapping into Mommy Bloggers to promote your product or services.

Mommy Bloggers are the new alpha females of the marketing opinion world.  An entire industry has grown with conventions and all for the Mommy Bloggers to meet, exchange ideas and even more important, to promote their blogs to companies and marketers to do product reviews, sell advertising, hold promotions and drive business for the companies that tap into this Blogging  marketing venue.

There are two upcoming Mommy Blogging conventions you may want to check out.   BlissDom 10,  Feb 4-6 in Nashville (which is already a sell out), and the blogger conference  BlogHer  which is in NYC Aug 5-7.  These conferences have big time package goods sponsors all trying to woo the Mommy bloggers.  Sponsors on the BlissDom website include: Con Agra Foods, Orville Redenbacher, Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Arnold, Blue Bunny, Hallmark, Invisalign, iRobot, Lands’ End, Lifetime Moms, Red Plum.

Mommy Bloggers sell sponsorships of themselves to represent you at the conference. The ads say: “Why I am the blogger you company should sponsor for BlissDom  ’10.  It is done through blogs as ads that will tell you things like:  Blogger with 2000 + subscribers seeks sponsorship to…

 The Mommy bloggers use ad badges provided by the conference to promote if they are looking for a sponsor.  Like the one shown here is for the Blissdom10 Conference.  It is a way to get them to the conference and their costs paid and get your product known in the Mommy Blogging world.

The bloggers are from all walks of life and interests,who go to these conferences.  They go to network, go to seminars,promote their blogs and twitters, as well as write blogs and promote their sponsors who helped pay to get them there.

Their blogs have a female focus target on home making, babies, or products, all subjects aimed at women readers.  Some have advertising on their blogs at cheep rates.  Some show you what they have done for other companies, some have HTML badges for their blog  to be taken and promoted on others website or blogs.    The Mommy Bloggers do contests and sweepstakes, coupons codes and deals, product reviews, tips, recipes.  A really nice business model, from thier kitchen counter.

BlogHer conference has been held for 5 years on the West Coast and Midwest and is now going to NYC.  Bloggers like Domestic Debacle, badge shown on the left,  promote that they are looking to represent you.  As disclosure, they did a promotion of a product called Fridge-It that I am involved in and that is what got me interested in this subject of Mommy Blogging. The connection was initially made in the Twitter world and then moved into the blogging world. 

 The BlogHer advertising materials on the website says that they reach more than 16 million unique women each month and states that BlogHer is the leading participatory news, entertainment and information network for women online

Here are some Mommy Blogger examples, that will show and explain the concept.  There are many, many more, and if you are a Mommy Blogger and want to add your Mommy blog to this lists, please comment and give some info on your Mommy blog.

Mommy Blogger examples: Thriftymaven.com , Domesticdebacle.com , Abusymommy.com   , Thepennypinchingmama.blogspot.com 

Can I hear a wOOt?!    BTW: What does wOOt  mean? W00t” was originally a truncated term for players of Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game for “Wow, loot!” The term wOOT was used by the web culture in video game communities, now it has lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement. Sort of the new Ya Hoo….


Ad agency pay per tweet programs

I had an interesting  question come to the blog.   How should you pay a PR or ad agency for doing your companies tweeting?  Some have suggested a flat fee per day others are floating the idea of doing an “Ad agency pay per tweet programs.”

Both raise some interesting changes in the way social media will be used and how to monitize the actions involved with keeping it ongoing. The bigger question is how much should you as a CMO decide to keep in house and how much should you outsource?  How much control do you want or how much over site due to privacy policies or regulation do you need?   What about the tweeting across the company, should marketing be the control valve or is it really a legal, customer service or operation function?

 I look forward to your comments as to how you are compensating your agencies for tweeting.

TweetSaver is a way to manage your Twitter tweets for search, tag and bookmarking

What to do with Twitter as a CMO?   Are you thinking how do I monetize ROI, manage and utilize our Social Media efforts with Twitter in a way that will allow me to optimize and manage our tweets more effectively? 

 Take a look at Tweetsaver- it costs $10.00 to $20.00 annually, and may be a good solution for finding a way with your Twitter program to do a central back up, allow a bookmark of your tweets and tag the tweets for organic search.  This will start to monetize your efforts on Twitter as content and SEO.  TweetSaver gives you a way to archive, search, tag and share all of the content that you are creating on twitter.

They say “One year of backups, searching, tagging, etc AND Save 50% for spreading the word about TweetSaver! When you sign up, we’ll send the following tweet on your behalf: I’m backing up, searching, and tagging all my tweets with http://tweetsaver.com, shouldn’t you?”

Here is the link to check it out:  http://tweetsaver.com/

Retweeting your own tweet.

Should you be re-tweeting your own tweet? Yes you can!  If you have a really great tweet that has driven a lot of clicks retweets by others or opens, then by all means retweet content.  Now if you are retweeting the same tweet over and over that is a no.. no.. . Try to build up a library of content for your tweets, so you do not repeat more that once per week.

However it is much better if others retweet your tweet, so use two accounts, one to tweet and one to do the retweet. Some prefer just to tweet again the same materials, some want the name @xxx to appear for more brand in the tweet.

Twitscoop combines, search, hot trends and buzz

I came across  www.Twitscoop.com while looking for a better search function than www.search.twitter.com .

It combines the best of many worlds: search, trends and buzz into one nice package.  They say it is a way of staying on top of Twitter, or what ever that means these days. Basically it is a gateway to Twitter and you really need to have a gateway.  If not, Twitters’ own functionality is very poor.

Twitscoop allows you to receive and send tweets, and find friends instantly, without reloading your page.  It also allows search and follow of what’s buzzing on twitter in real-time.

Their pitch is: “Never miss the buzz.  Watch the trends live on the cloud. Tweet from your account.  Twitpic images on the fly. Preview Twitpic images directly from Twitscoop. Track bit.ly stats.  Check bit.ly stats in real-time.”

The layout is very friendly for you non techy CMO types. So give it a try.

How many tweets should you do a day on Twitter?

The debate rages on as to how many tweets per day a person or company should do on Twitter and when is it too much?

My opinion is to look at the goals of why you are using Twitter as to how many is just right.  The main question to start with is why are you using Twitter?  Is it to grow followers, is it to sell product, is it for customer service, is it for an individual or a positioning of a product or service?

To grow followers:  3 to 5 tweets per day. Spread out the tweets to when you have something real to say or a photo to share.  If you keep growing followers and not loosing followers then keep to that number per day. If you are loosing followers, then it is either your tweets are boring to the follower, you have a lot of junk names on your list and you need to clean the list, or you will need to test one per day, next day two per day and then three per day and see which one works the best to gain meaningful followers.  Think of this type of strategy as personal communications to your entire base of friends, business associates as to what do you think and what they would be interested in you telling them.

To sell products: 2 to 3 tweets in cycles 4 times per day, seven days per week. Morning, lunchtime, dinnertime and late night or over night. The goal is to get as large a list of followers as you can, list quality is not the issue, but tweets quality is. If you sell, sell sell in tweets and there is no content you will loose followers fast.  The crafting of your tweets.  It’s so important that each one gives info in the tweet as a way of expanding your messaging to an ever growing audience for free.  Think of it as a free email list untargeted. Then think of what is a feature, benefit or other facts that would be a compelling reason for people to check you out.

To use for customer service:  Up to 20 tweets per day.  Or as many from which you get interaction.  Decide which ones will be direct reply and which ones are good enough info to tweet to all. Also use the search function to intercept tweets talking about you and reply.  If one customer is having an issue, others may too and this is an excellent way to stop bad customer service or PR issues.

Celebrity tweets by an editorial or PR team: Up to 15 per day. Be transparent that it is them or that you are doing it for them. Spread them out evenly during the 24-hour period.

Brand or service tweets as a campaign:  Up to 30 per day. Take out your FAQ’s, your contest or event and start tweeting them.  This will embed them into the organic optimization space for search. You’re not doing it for followers. Your embedding content into the twitter search functions to gain net new eyeballs to your event, service or brand.

What about those who do a series of twitters one right after another, because you can’t fit the message all in one twitter?  NO. NO NO You’re using the wrong medium. Place the info you want to get out in a blog posting, link the twitter about that topic to the blog and tweet out the key points in 140 letters.

Reusing your tweets and retweeting. Yes. Retweeting your own tweets is now common. Use a 48-hour rest period for high performing tweets before you retweet your own, or even better use same subject with different way of saying it. Quotes are popular to get retweeting by others. Use #Follow Fridays or #FF or #Everyday to expand your name @XXX to other, via others.

Meebo solves cross platform issues with instant messaging.

If you are into marketing via instant messaging or are targeting a youth audience who does not understand why you would still email them when you can IM, then this is a platform foryou.  Look at Meebo at  www.meebo.com. It connects all instant messaging via AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook and myspace messaging into one tool.

Here’s the details: Meebo is web based instant messaging. It works with any computer, any IM network . Meebo.com allows them  to chat with their buddies on most  IM network in a single buddylist.  It allows them to login with the IM account  they already have. There’s nothing to download or install, and it’s free.


This is a good tool for your social media team to look at if they are in the instant messaging space.