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Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients a good read by Tech Crunch Blog

I was just reading a blog called Tech Crunch Blog and a blog entry on “Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients”. It has a pretty good chart that lays out the alternative web clients for Twitter and does a good review of: TweetTabs, TwitHive, Monitter, Splitweet, Web Seesmic, PeopleBrowsr, Tweettree, Tweenky etc. It has a nice chart for comparison and a review and screen shot of each which make the information very valuable when evaluating options.

I was additionally interested in the feedback from others that added additional options for web client for twitter of that I had not yet heard.  What I do agree with is the poor user experience right from Twitter. Without the apps that others created, Twitter would not be the phenom it has become.


Advanced online business networking, look beyond Linkedin and Plaxo.

Business networking is big business and the list is much longer the main two Linkedin and Plaxo. Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are moving into business networking, but I still consider it more social marketing than networking.  There are also sites like Ning to form your own interest groups, or Secondlife where you can live a virtual second life, with friends, a house, a job ect.

Here is a list to check out of advanced networking on-line options.

  • www.Linkedin.com  This is a must do for business linking these days.
  • www.plaxo.com  This is a nice to have to be sure 100% is covered, you usually choose one or the other, I do both.
  • www.ecademy.com  Business networking with more of an international flair.
  • www.secondlife.com  Start your own virtual business on line and meet people that way.

Here are a list of others that have been recommended to me.

Looking for the next big thing in social media, look at Zooloo.com

Here is the buzz from my front line gear heads who say twitter has been passe for 6 month.  They are checking out http://www.ZooLoo.com  which says it allows you to create, connect and control your experience across the Internet.

The key point of this site is to gain a complete on-line environment built around your domain name. It brings together your interests all in one place.

It says it bring all of your interests together: news, entertainment, social networking, shopping, messaging, photos, videos, and more…Build your own site to share with family, friends or the world.


The drawback is you can only have one account tied to it.  This is not the case with http://www.Yola.com where you can tie many accounts and domains.  So check out both for that all in one option you may be wanting.

Tweetbeep adds alerts by email to track conversations.

I have learned to love Twitter, and now have found the TweetBeep http://www.tweetbeep.com  app that allows free Twitter alerts to your email.
It says it will keep track of conversations that mentions you, your products, your company, or anything you want to track and does it in hourly updates! It even says it can even keep track of who’s tweeting your website or blog, even  when they use a shortened URL (like bit.ly or tinyurl.com).

CMOs are always looking for ways to maintain a good to excellent on-line reputation management.  This Tweetbeep app allows for the catching all @replies and @mentions, other thingslike a finding job or gaining new networking opportunities.  I also think it would work great for keeping up on your favorite sport, news or hobby.

Google Profiles now has pages for the famous and not so famous. Be sure to get yourself and others listed.

Google now has on-line profiles for the famous and not so famous.  Be sure to get yourself and others listed. Go to http://www.google.com/profiles.  It is really free PR advertising and it is another area of social media search for you to get involved with.

It is easy to do. They do require your info to be pretty complete before they will post it.  It took me three tries, to give them enough that they said yes.

 The only aspect that I did not like was posting the photo.  it needs to be from a flickr or some such picture account, instead of a straight down load like most social sites have like Linked In.

This is also another area for Google Profiles, where the first to list gets the name, so hurry and claim your name on this site too.  Google is already been very aggressive in getting these profiles published and searched.

Twitter Karma an easy way to get your follows and followers matched up.

I was struggling with  how to prune my Twitter list, so that I could keep them in balance.  Twitter wants you not to follow too many, if they are not following you.  But how to know who is and is not.  Twitter Karma solved my issue. Twitter Karma a easy way to get your follow and followers matched up.

I look through the list on Twitter Karma that is in an easy list match with red and green arrows and do a round of group follow and then a round of group unfollow take care of my twitter list and keep it growing.  This is very important as you reach the 2000 cap for following.  Twitter will let you go over the cap. but only if you are close to the number in followers.  Thus controlled growth and new followers that you are also following becomes key.

It take a long time to load and gives quite a few warnings that it may not work.  But so far,everyone who I have talked with who has used it, loves it.

It is a redirect from http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/ or just Google it.