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TEI- Total Economic Impact and ROI in Social Media for Customer Service

Many of you have emailed me looking for the link to the Forrester information that I discussed at the BMA conference. Dr Natalie Petouhoff,  has done a great job of  proofing the model for customer service ROI, when it comes to social media.

 Here is her deck, that she sent to me and agreed to let me use and put on my blog.



Google Caffeine will change your search ranking for key terms.

Update from Mashable: that it seems that comparegoogle.com has stopped working, but you can also check out a similar service called www.comparecaffeine.com.
I had heard all about upgrading to Google Chrome to increase the speed of my search as a consumer searching on Google.  What  I am now hearing about is Google Caffeine and this is a much bigger alert item for CMO’s-need to know list. 
The big watch list item for me is called Google Caffeine.  This change will change the way your web pages are being presenting in organic search.  Thus that big SEO project you completed last year is about to need a facelift and fast.
I was trying to find some good info for myself and to recommend to you and the best I found was from Webupd8.  They have a good write up on the subject and I tested the tool they recommended on a couple of my URLs and found  that I will need to do some changes to improve my SEO to get back some ranking and in cases some it will gain me a much better ranking  then I had before for key terms and I am thrilled.
Webupd8 blogs says:
“Google is in the process of implementing some very major changes to their search algorithms and this can therefore alter the existing rankings of your web pages in Google Search results of the future.

For instance, if one of your web pages is currently ranked in Google at #3 for the phrase “wallpapers”, it’s quite possible that the position may shift either way after the new version of Google goes live.

Google has created a preview site (Caffeine)where you can play around with the upcoming changes before these get pushed to the main google.com website. And that itself is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

google search side-by-side caffeine
 If you like to compare the existing Google ranks of your web pages with that of the future, check out Compare Google – this tools places the top 20 results from the old and new search engine side by side so you can easily figure out how your site will perform in the future.

Another Google comparison tool is located at Cartercole.comwhich, unlike Compare Google, displays Google search results in their original form – this is perfect for queries that trigger Google Universal Searchso you can know what images and video clips results will get displayed in Google Caffeine for your queries.”

Use Compete.com for your own and others web traffic stats.

Need a quick gut check on your website traffic and Alexa data is not what you thought or you cannot find yourself on Alexa, then try Complete.com.

Here is what their website says “Compete.com provides advertisers, agencies and media companies with actionable digital intelligence. Hundreds of clients, including the world’s leading brands, rely on Compete to help them create more effective websites and more targeted advertising campaigns.”

A lot of what you will want is in the Pro edition and not the free version, but for fast gee how do we stack up against xyz competitor this will do nicely.

Compete’s products include online media planning and measurement tools as well as digital research in the automotive, consumer goods, financial services, media, retail, telecom and travel industries.

Look at Google tools for the SEM search key words that your team may have missed.

When it comes to PPC strategy, CMO’s need a gut check the world of SEM- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC).  I know you are signing some pretty big invoices these days and still do not have full confidence that it is getting you to the goals you have.

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious, when it comes to search and key word terms.  I use this Google tool all the time to do a reality check with my Pay Per Click programs, it will bring out the terms that are being searched for and tell you if you are missing the term or phrase.

I bet your SEM team uses this Google tool all the time, but has never told you about it.  So check it out, it will give you a better understanding of how well they are doing or how many misses or blind spots you have in the search world. 

Google has so many free tools, it is terrific.  They also have webmaster tools that you need to see. Ask for access to those tools,  so you can get behind the curtain and poke around to gain more knowledge. Note: Webmasters, will not like you asking or want you to be in their tool sets, but you need to get a feel as to what is available to them.

You can link to Google tools at:  http://www.google.com/sktool

Adding polls to your social media is a sound strategy, for marketing and customer service



Viral and engagement are the corner stone strategies that form the foundation of the social media movement. It really is a movement, driven by consumers doing what they want, when they want and to whom they want. Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Plaxo all lead the way in different aspects.  Each serve a different part of the social media landscape and this is only a small portion of the landscape.

Poll are a great way to put your toe in the water. I like the TWTpoll,  http://www.twtpoll.com they are free and easy to use with Twitter.  They say that, “Twtpoll is a feedback tool that helps you to create and distribute polls on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.” You can ask any type of question and you and the responder can see the results real time.

The question or basis of the poll has to be topical or in someway engaging that someone would want to do your poll.  Heavy consumer research is not what this is about.  It is questions to engage and get participation with you.   Plus you may learn a thing or two.  So go and try a few polls, they are a lot of fun.

CMO and the social media puzzle.

Welcome to the world of being a CMO or the head of marketing and having to be in charge of changing the way your company does business.  You may not have the slightest idea of what to do, since the social media landscape is changing so fast that you are now relying on your most junior members of your team to take the lead and take on the most important change in business since the start of email.

This blog the CMO guide to social media will guide you, give advice and expose you to new areas in the social media landscape.  Up until a month ago I was a CMO and head of marketing for a very large on-line 6000 page original content and ecommerce web site  and through this experience became hands on in SEM, SEO, UI and ecommerce and social media.  I now can bid PPC, set up and write blogs, twitter, use flickr, digg articals and gained many other skills that most cmo’s avoid or have never been exposed to or trained in.  I was teaching other CMOs who were calling me to see how  and what I was doing, thus this blog was born.

The times have changed hands and  you need to also.  Trying to use your old paradigms with your business models will cause your company to fall behind.

Welcome and read along, as I add my CMO social media know-how and give you the chance to get up to speed in social media. If you have found this blog you are looking for advice and explanation to be a more relevant leader in this brave new world of social media.