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Adding Group SMS text messages to your marketing or communications plans

 Finding ways to leverage SMS or Text marketing is always a challenge on how to do carefully selected text messages to targeted audiences.  Messages like getting a key message out to your sales force or you need to change a location or time for an event and to grow customer engagement. Broadcasting text alerts to your subscribers and have it also push to your Twitter, Facebook and website visitors in one stroke is a valuable tool to consider. Mashable recently covered this subject.

” Christina Warren  from Mashable blog has done a very good outline of a way to easily do this.

This post is part of Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark.

Name: TextMarks

 Quick Pitch: TextMarks group text messaging services turn any mobile phone into a powerful marketing tool.

 Genius Idea: TextMarks makes it easy to create SMS marketing campaigns by letting users send a text message with a custom keyword of your choice to 41411. You can also use TextMarks auto-post service to send out SMS messages to subscribers and also update Facebook() and Twitter().

As the Red Cross’s efforts in raising money for Haiti proved, text messages can be a powerful way to engage others and to spread information. It’s not just about joke-of-the-day subscriptions or other nonsense that you see at 2AM on TV — real money and real causes can be publicized through text.


TextMarks is a service that makes it really easy to set-up a mobile campaign to broadcast messages or updates to users that opt-in to your service by first texting a keyword. 

What we like about TextMarks is that the service is easy to set-up and affordable. You can try out the service for free and send unlimited ad-supported messages each month, and ad-free plans start at $9.95 a month. For small businesses or small groups like churches or clubs, that’s a really nice option. 

We also like that you can update Twitter and Facebook with the same messages you send out to other users. That way, if you’re using messages to keep people updated with scheduling information or other time-sensitive info, the message can go out across all of your social channels.”


What other blogs are saying about you and your products.

Blogs and monitoring of blogs and what is being said about you is a hot topic these days.  How do you monitor? Do you pay to monitor? What tools are available to you to monitor blogs and what is being said about you or your company is all the discussion in the CMO’s mind.

Social Mouths blog had some good ideas of free listening posts for your products and services, beyond the paid services for social media monitoring such as Radian 6 and CrimsonHexagon. 

Here is the short list URLs and Free blog listening tools:


Blog Pluse

Blog line search

Google blog search

Paid Services:

Radian 6


Here is the blog I was reading on the subject.

Social Mouths blog 

Do You Know What Other Blogs Are Saying About You?

listeningDo you know if you are being mentioned on other blogs? Did you know there are ways of tracking this? And, why is this important anyways?

In this post, I’ll explain why paying attention to what other blogs say is important and how to be aware of these mentions.

So let’s get started…

Why You Should Care


When you get mentioned by another blog, the author usually links back to your blog/site and as you know, getting backlinks is one of the most important things you can do to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as they can improve your page ranking. The search engines want to know if your site is relevant.


The next thing you need to worry about is sentiment. Is the comment positive or negative? Of course you don’t want people saying something negative about you or your services. When you track these mentions at least you have the opportunity to participate, maybe try to do something to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. Damage control.

If it’s a positive mention, it is also a good opportunity to engage in the conversation.


Be human. Be thankful and participate by leaving a comment or giving the post a tweet. Not to make you feel obligated but return the favor if you can, there is a good chance the other blog is somehow related to your topic.

Don’t ignore it, keep this blog in mind.

Let’s Look At An Example

Herbert from Penn State | Outreach Marketing did a very, very nice piece sharing a post from SocialMouths on his “Why Is Social Media Not Working For You” (Thanks Herbert).

Outreach Marketing

OK, so this is an extreme example and it’s not always like this, the mention can be a simple link to your blog or to a specific post. The point here is how to find this, right?


There are many tools you can use to track these mentions, feel free to share your favorite ones in the comment section of this post. Here a couple you can try:

Go to these sites and do a search based on your blog’s name or URL.



BlogPulse (From Nielsen)


Other tools you can use are Bloglines Search or Google’s Blog Search.

Get Alerts

rss readerAll these services and most of them out there allow you to get the search results on RSS. You should subscribe and organize them on your RSS Reader. The point is to get alerts and be able to react as soon as possible, there is no point if you come back a month after the post was published.

Final Tought

The social web gives you the opportunity to engage in ways traditional media can’t but if you don’t pay attention, those opportunities are wasted.

One more thing, when you mention somebody or share a post from somebody else on your blog, make sure you do it properly so you give credit and the other end is aware of it.

Happy Listening!”

Jing is free software that adds visuals to your online conversations

Jing by Techsmith, is a tool that has captured my attention. It is a simple to use tool for instant sharing. It can be used for screen shots, videos, call outs and to show people what you are seeing on your screen with a click of a button with a linking URL.  Much better than the process of screen shot, save to word ect.  It sits on your desk top as a yellow half-moon ready for when you want to screen shot with three choices of capture, history and more.

Their website says it is to add visuals to your online conversation. There is a free version and a paid version for adding video. With the free version you also get 2 mg on Screencast which is a nice benefit.

Here is a few ways they suggest using Jing

  • collaborateCollaborate on a design project
  • share snapshotShare a snapshot of a document
  • speechNarrate your vacation photos
  • bugCapture that pesky bug in action
  • family tech supportShow Dad how to use iTunes
  • homeworkComment verbally on students’ homework
  • tidbitsPost tidbits from your life on Twitter or Facebook

What I also like is that is integrated with their other programs, that are more complex.

Screencast.com Screencast.  It not only provides free storage and instant sharing of your Jing content…it’s also a super place to share your high-quality videos, images, presentations, and all manner of digital content.


Snagit Snag-It . This Swiss-army knife of screen capture picks up where Jing leaves off.  Powerful image editing, scrolling window capture, cursor capture, tagging, search, and rugged good looks.

Camtasia Studio Camtasia Studio.  Jing’s big brother on the video side—and the ideal choice for creating longer, more polished screen videos. Camtasia Studio can edit your Jing videos, too.

RSS Ranking tool to see how effective your RSS feed is?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way for those who wish to get a feed of your information sent to them everytime you add content.  If you  have set up an RRS feed, you now should be asking  how effective the feed is?  This tool will help check: http://www.rssmicro.com/feedsubmit.web

What I really like about this tool is that the FeedRank algorithm checks 16 different areas and
measures the quality of the content on your feed.  This is critical to a successful RSS feed from your website, blog or other forms that you are using for RSS.  Here is what they ask you for to get your ranking:

Submit Your RSS/Atom Feed

New! Check your site FeedRank only on RSSMicro

No registration is required, instant results tailored to your feed(FeedRank algorithm checks 16 different areas and
measures the quality of the content on your feed)

What is your FeedRank?!

RSSMicro FeedRank
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First Name: (optional) Last Name: (optional)

Email: (optional)
Get updated information on your feed by email. We respect your privacy, we do not use your email for any purpose other than your feed submission to RSSMicro.

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 Submitting your RSS/Atom feed URL does not guarantee that the feed will be indexed by RSSMicro.

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CMOguidetosocialmedia.com blog is now live.

CMO guide to social media blog has grown rapidly over the past 6 months. It is growing in ways I never imagined. Many of you have asked in there a faster or shorter way to get to the CMO Guide to Social Media blog, as of today there is.  The blog now has its own URL, cmoguidetosocialmedia.com , so now you can come to the blog on social media the old way:  www.cmoguidetosocialmedia.wordress.com or you can go direct to the blog at www.cmoguidetosocialmedia.com. Remember, you can also sign up to have new blog posts sent to you by email by signing up on the blog site form, or sign up for the RRS feed on the blog.

This CMO social media blog is a social media guide that covers many areas and trends of social media, showcases tools for marketers that you need to know, information for marketing plans and trends that include social media, hot new trends, direct response TV and social media and mobile apps,  just to name a few.

“The CMOguidetosocialmedia blog read by Chief Marketing Officers, Vice Presidents of Marketing and Marketing Directors from all across the US and is actually read in Asia and Europe to my surprise.  All wanting to learn social media from a former CMO who is an expert in social media, blogging, lead generation and customer engagement.”

Karen Kallet founded the CMOguidetosocialmedia blog due to a need to help out her other CMO’s in a share group she was in, who wanted her insight about what she was doing in social media.  Karen is an avid blogger and expert in social media,web content and lead generation.  She has been a CMO  Chief Marketing Officer, as well as prior VP of Online for a 6000 page original content website with  e-commerce and uses leading edge social media tools.  She  had also been a VP of Advertising, Online and lead generation for a major education training school group.  

“I learned that many other CMOs admit  privately they do not have not a clue when it really comes to social media and really need help with the process and the adaptation.  Having worked hands on in the world of  e-commerce, lead generation, PPC, SEO, SEM, UI and have been on the leading edge of integrating social media, I have the ability to make  the social media world effective and meaningful for both ROI and consumer interaction.  Plus I can explain it in a way that makes sense and is actionable to other c- level marketers. ” 

If you have a subject for the blog and want to be considered for a guest blogger spot  you can contact her with your topic, via email at  Karen.Kallet@gmail.com, and you can view her website at www.KalletCommunications.com

DRTV and social media make a dynamic duo. Test Google TV Ads- AdWords.

DRTV and social media make a dynamic duo. Direct response television has been around for many years, but recently it has had new life with the advent of social media.  See it on TV, go to a website to research and to buy, then talk about it to all your social media friends.  Snuggie was the run-a-way hit last year of the DRTV world, and most remember the Forman grill launched on DRTV. Billy Mays and Ronco made fortunes and built brands in the direct TV, and many became national market brands like Oxiclean.  These days many retail category buyers for major retailers do not even want to see new products without this mix, being tested first.

As a CMO, you need to understand and know what makes a good DRTV product or service and what does not.  The value of  DRTV is in the measurability and the media rates for short form-  60 second, 120 second commercials or a long form infomercials-  30 minutes, since the rates to advertise on TV are much lower than general market. For DRTV you must have a response call to action at the close of the spot to make it DRTV.  The spots can be bought for local market, regional or national, cable, network and local stations.

You can also add bidding for TV to your Google PPC account to buy and test TV, as you currently do for key words and banners through Google.  This allows you to make commercials or upload a 30 or 60 second spot, then place a bid for time at a fraction of the price.  Ask you team member who bids your PPC.  It is the tab at the top of the account page which allows you access.  Most PPC staffers are not even aware it is there or not comfortable telling anyone about it, since it is out of their comfort level of keyword bidding. There are companies that specialize to film and some to buy only DRTV and create DRTV commercials, that you would use instead of a general market agencies for these types of projects.  Mantis Media is one that I recommend for video commercial work and for DRTV filming, scripting and editing projects.  Icon Media Direct and JBT Media management would be DRTV media buying companies to consider, that I have high respect for, for buying DRTV beyond some testing on Google.

Check out Google TV buys at:  Adwords – Google

 My next blog on this subject is:  13 steps for sucessful DRTV and what is the successful criteria for CMOs to consider.