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Google Wave, now that I have it, what do I do with it?

Google Wave, now that I have, it what do I do with it?

Ok,  I signed up and waited, and begged for an invite and nothing for months and then last night a non descript email from a person I did not know came inviting me to the Google Wave Beta!!!  Thrilled yes, legit, I did not know.  Ok, was this a spam email or real?  My husband said not to link to it, it must be phishing, I still took the leap of faith that they were not trying to rip off my email log ins and went for it.  It was real and it does work.  I was welcomed to the world of Google Wave.

So now that it did work and I am locked and loaded with the Wave,  here is what I have learned so far.  You have to download Google Chrome, if you want to play with Google Wave.  I kept avoiding that, then I needed an upgrade in my Adobe,.  It then lets you in once you agree to all the terms and tells you to view a loooong video.  Over an hour…….. then it brings you into the Google wave screen.

The first thing I noticed was none of your old emails come into the wave, and only the 10 friends in my address book, who also have Google wave showed up in the address book.  You can’t play until you get the wave.

There is a 2 min video that gives you less than the basics and tells you not to touch anything, since it will make the video go away.  I did find that I was given a new  googlwave email address, in addition to my gmail address.  I was not expecting that.  I assumed a smooth transition of my gmail address and emails into Wave.  Not the case.  It starts again new.   If this is the case, and I now have a new email address, then do I need to add this address to my blackberry feeds or forward it to one I look at?  So many questions, so few answers. 

Ok, so now that I have it, what do I do with it?  I did the only thing that seem to work for me, I pinged two on the list.  No answer, do you have to be on at the same time?  I had to get out of  the wave to check my real email, so who will use this beta form?  Don’t know, but it is like blogging, at first I did not get it and now I can’t live without it. 

 Google Wave… I think I will love you someday, just today you are a stranger dropped on my doorstep.  I don’t know what to do with you?   Should I spend the time to feed you and shelter you or pack your bags.  Time will tell.  So this the hot ticket in town turns out to be a blind date….. how interesting.


List of key links to social media tools at your fingertips.

Looking for a social media links and tools at your finger tips. Here is my list of key links and tools to social media  at your fingertips. 

This blog is called  CMOguidetosocialmedia.wordpress.com  and now I have listed all my top links that I use all the time to the right.  It is a place for me to have them all in one place, so it is also a benefit for you, since there are far to many for me to remember.

None of these are endorsements, these are just links I like to sites that put my social media tools be at my fingertips.  Some of these links I use all the time, some are just bookmarks because I like the concept and want to be able to remember them or use them at a future date.

Where to find the women consumers in social media.

Mashable again has a knock out recap of info from Information is Beautiful on demographics by site.  This is really valuable to CMO’s in evaluating your teams plans or the agencies next proposal.  It also says to me that if you are targeting men, Digg is one not to overlook. This also gives you a good check list to be sure you are represented on all the main social media platforms.

Here is the Link: http://mashable.com/2009/10/03/women-rule-the-social-web/

Here is a recap: “Women rule social media at least according to an infographic by Information is Beautiful. The stats, compiled by Brian Solis from Google Ad Plannerdata, show that equal numbers of men and women use sites like LinkedIn, DeviantArt and YouTube.

When it comes to sites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace and Bebo, however, women outnumber men. In fact, there’s only one major holdout for men on the social web: social news site Digg, where 64% of users are male.


Finding the color shade for your website is now an easy match.

The designer comes in with a comp and you are looking and saying this is not our brand color and they say it is.  Or you see the perfect color for a new campaign, but cannot tell them what it is?  Here is the easy tool to fix your Hex code problem.  First those little blocks of color are tied to a Hex code that has unlimited choices. There are not just the sample colors or color wheel you see, you can choose any color by the Hex code number.

Designers and web masters know they need in most cases to match to a Hex code.  Fine if you know how, frustrating if you do not and only think the colors they are showing you are the only ones you can choose.

I started using a little tool called www.colorcop.net.  It allows you to down load an application which sits on your desk top and when you find a color you want to match or like, open the tool, take the little dropper and move it to the color and it will give you the exact color code match.  Yes it is that easy…

Have a bar of color that does not seem to match the header?  You can check it out.  Don’t like color and want a different shade?  Done.  Colorcop is your new best friend as a CMO, now you really have a good eye for color.

TEI- Total Economic Impact and ROI in Social Media for Customer Service

Many of you have emailed me looking for the link to the Forrester information that I discussed at the BMA conference. Dr Natalie Petouhoff,  has done a great job of  proofing the model for customer service ROI, when it comes to social media.

 Here is her deck, that she sent to me and agreed to let me use and put on my blog.


ROI for Social Media? It’s way more..it’s a new way to do business.

How do we think about ROI for Social Media?  A few weeks back I asked for feedback for a talk I was giving and here are my learnings on ROI and measuring Social Media on marketing projects.  After reviewing the info, it changed the way I now  look at Social Media.  Taking it out from being a marketing strategy and tactic to being a real change in the way companies must do business, across all areas or what I am now calling a  TEC- Total Enterprise Change TM due to Social Media .

 An advertisment in Time Magazine this week, brought the point home for me.  The ad was advertising a new bank that wanted to position itself as the honest and straightforward bank.  Listing that they will tell you up front, how long your hold time will be when you call.   Hello… we are in the world of Social Media expectation, so they have missed the big concept. No one will wait any longer for customer service in the social media age, nor except that it is acceptable to wait.  It must be instantaneous and complete end to end and nothing more.

Many large online and offline companies are starting to change their entire business model due to Social Media.  The norm is becoming to say if you do not have Click to talk, video phone access, content scrapes, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, you are now behind the curve. 

Some of my CMO friends have asked, “When will people bore of playing with Social Media and go on to the next big thing”.  This is more than a big thing, it is a big way. This has and will evolve to change the way we live and who we choose to do business with, how we communicate and with whom. 

Think back to what you thought about the internet, well some said it was a craze, a thing that kids played with?  That was the thinking, I remember talking to the heads of ad agencies and being told that the internet would have no impact on advertising…..I could not believe what I was hearing, in those early days.  Now it looks foolish .

So if you’re thinking, I still do not get it?  Here are some examples to grasp the concept.   You have to understand the progression of ways of doing business in our time.  Think of the business progression from  mail, to phone, to typewriters, to faxes, to computers, to email, to websites, to cell phones, to texting, to social media.  It is the next way of how you will and must  do business.  Social Media is no longer a marketing tactic, thus if you are trying to put it into an ROI box, and then measure the ROI, thinking like this will very easily miss the point and you will miss the boat.   Today you could not think to function without email, this too will happen with Social Media. 

Social Media is the way you will conduct business, sell and take orders, service business, train employees and educate groups,  as well as it will be used for marketing.  So this puts the Social Media business transition into all areas of your enterprise, thus not as an ROI, but as a non financial impact item. 

When Social Media strategy and tactics ares used in a marketing program, then you can measure,  but it should be viewed as an impact to the TBE -Total Business Enterprise TM .  Thus ROI will need to account for customer service, operations, sales, call center, retail locations, accounting, IT and marketing, just to name a few.

So if you are still looking for an ROI formula here is what I would look at:

1: Establish a bench mark of pre or current social media off of which this can be based.

SM growth/loss-SM cost=Net SM cash flow. 

SM growth/loss + SM cost =SM Net Present Value,

Which gives you the delta for your ROI% on the return and establishes number of months for pay back.

SEO gut check for CMO’s. How to check up on your websites back end.

SEO, meta tags, alt tags and other “web team” responsibilities leave most CMO’s in a blind spot of trust or of ignorance when it comes to their back end of the web site.  Simple questions that I ask such as:  Does your web site have a site map?  Blank look.  Are your meta tags in place, or still relevant..blank stare.  I don’t know, or why do I need to know, is the response I get from 99% of the senior execs with whom I speak. 

The question is, it is really important?  The answer is yes.  Not that Meta tags are weighed as heavily as they use to be, but it speaks to the competency of the team building, or maintaining your website.  If the basic building blocks are missing, you most likely have a staff training or education issue and are wasting lots of money.

The check up is fairly simple, if you know there are many domain tools that look at your site and give feedback.  Your web team uses these tools all the time, so should you.  An easy check up tool is www.whois.domaintool.com.  If you put in your web site name,  it will give you current meta tags, alt tags ect., and an overall SEO score for Search Engine Optimization. 

If you go to the right hand column and click on the SEO Text Browser, it will give you page by page feedback on what is missing from their perspective.  It will also give you a grade for each page, so you will be able to talk with the team as to what is going on and how to improve.

As an example, I just ran this tool on a client to see what areas needed attention, since they indicated at the meeting that the web consultant they where using had it all covered.  Result: No meta tags, no alt tags, a failing score of 56% for SEO since all the pages were designed as a .gif and could not be spidered by search engines.  Pretty web site with great design, not searchable, waste of money….not good.

This is also a great tool to peak in to the back end of your competitions website to see their score and what issues they have not addressed that you can use to your advantage. So do CMO gut check on your SEO and website, it may be the best improvement for no money you can do.