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Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients a good read by Tech Crunch Blog

I was just reading a blog called Tech Crunch Blog and a blog entry on “Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients”. It has a pretty good chart that lays out the alternative web clients for Twitter and does a good review of: TweetTabs, TwitHive, Monitter, Splitweet, Web Seesmic, PeopleBrowsr, Tweettree, Tweenky etc. It has a nice chart for comparison and a review and screen shot of each which make the information very valuable when evaluating options.

I was additionally interested in the feedback from others that added additional options for web client for twitter of that I had not yet heard.  What I do agree with is the poor user experience right from Twitter. Without the apps that others created, Twitter would not be the phenom it has become.


Twitscoop combines, search, hot trends and buzz

I came across  www.Twitscoop.com while looking for a better search function than www.search.twitter.com .

It combines the best of many worlds: search, trends and buzz into one nice package.  They say it is a way of staying on top of Twitter, or what ever that means these days. Basically it is a gateway to Twitter and you really need to have a gateway.  If not, Twitters’ own functionality is very poor.

Twitscoop allows you to receive and send tweets, and find friends instantly, without reloading your page.  It also allows search and follow of what’s buzzing on twitter in real-time.

Their pitch is: “Never miss the buzz.  Watch the trends live on the cloud. Tweet from your account.  Twitpic images on the fly. Preview Twitpic images directly from Twitscoop. Track bit.ly stats.  Check bit.ly stats in real-time.”

The layout is very friendly for you non techy CMO types. So give it a try.

Using Bit.ly to shorten, share and track links.



Bit.ly is a way to do many things that normal twitter won’t allow.  http://www.Bit.ly   shortens your long URLs on Twitter but also shares links so each time you point to that page it is the same Bit.ly link code. I also like to check and see hits and data that the website provides on twitter tweets and what type of response or clicks I got.

I use it from tweetdeck, and after it shortens the link and it is twittered, I can go back and look at the hits, what country, time and many other tracking data that they provide for free.  It gives me a real gage as to what the results are of each tweet.

Also if you do not want others to see your metrics you have to turn the open source off, if not everyone can see how many hits you get.

Google Profiles now has pages for the famous and not so famous. Be sure to get yourself and others listed.

Google now has on-line profiles for the famous and not so famous.  Be sure to get yourself and others listed. Go to http://www.google.com/profiles.  It is really free PR advertising and it is another area of social media search for you to get involved with.

It is easy to do. They do require your info to be pretty complete before they will post it.  It took me three tries, to give them enough that they said yes.

 The only aspect that I did not like was posting the photo.  it needs to be from a flickr or some such picture account, instead of a straight down load like most social sites have like Linked In.

This is also another area for Google Profiles, where the first to list gets the name, so hurry and claim your name on this site too.  Google is already been very aggressive in getting these profiles published and searched.

Use misspellings and typos in social media to your advantage.

List your terms that describe your product and see how many ways your customers will missspell or misstype it.  Also look for other countries spelling if it is different than the US.  As an example, odor, odours, oders, odars.  There may be keen competition for the correct term, but not for the missspell versions.  And you may find that you will get a 25% lift in conversion for miss spell terms.

This works well for tags also on blogs, photos and websites.

Now I tweet on twitter in different terms depending on the time of day. I am looking to attract attention in England, I would use the “odours” spelling overnight, then go back to regular and then may add in a few misssplells that  I would use during the day.

Now some say, but if you “twwet” a missspell world, does it  not hurt “yur” brand.  Well the true way is to test it.  If you are seeing higher click through on certain missspell tweets then keep expanding it, it is no better than the ways words are being compressed for the 140 characters.

Tweetdeck is a blessing for the long worded marketer.

tweetdeckI could not live without my tweetdeck. You can find it at http://www.Tweetdeck.com. It can condense the URL to a shorten version.  If it needs to be a few letter shorter, it has a tool for that, it has a tool for Twit pics pictures and 12 seconds of video, it even does translations.

It sorts out my tweets to subjects and topics I want to see, it puts my facebook in too.  I love this tool and you will too.

Social media expert Karen Kallet

Karen Kallet

Karen Kallet

Karen Kallet is a social media, web content, lead generation expert. She has been  CMO , as well as VP of Online for a 6000 page original content website,  with e-commerce and used leading edge social media tools. She has hands on social media experience and is leading edge in this area. She has also been a VP of Advertising, Online and lead generation for a major education training school group.

“I learned that many of my other CMO counterparts admit they do not have a clue when it really comes to social media. I have worked hands on in the world of PPC, SEO, SEM, UI and have been on the leading edge of integrating social media, in an effective and meaningful way.” She now advises clients, agencies and companies all across the US in social media, and the interaction with  marketing/brand teams including adding customer service and operation into the world of social media.

If  you want more information, contact Karen Kallet at kkallet@peermentor.com602-866-0342. Karen is open for additional consulting  or speaking engagements, to bring your exec team or sales team up to speed in the social media  ways of getting it integrated sucessfully into your media mix. She is also writing a book called the CMO’s Guide to Social media, which will be based on this blog and her experinces in helping others in marketing adapt in this fast changing landscape.